Do your terrazzo floors need polishing in Melbourne? Have they lost their polish and shine? Is it looking old and tarnished? Or maybe the terrazzo has cracks and needs restoration.

Get your terrazzo looking back to the beautiful and original look it deserves with the best terrazzo polishing and restoration in Melbourne.

Absolute Stone Care has built a reputation for quality and satisfaction. We deliver maximum value for your money by taking the time and hassle away. Whether it is your home, office or commercial property. We leave your terrazzo surfaces looking brand new.


  • Terrazzo Polishing & Restoration
  • Honed Polishing
  • Terrazzo Tile Clean and Polish
  • Custom Polishing

Our expert team of professionals have years of experience and use only the highest quality products and machinery. This means that the quality is second to none and first-class. Our polishing results are the highest grade and standards in the world.

Best Products

  • Italian Machinery & Diamonds - Provides superior quality polish and shine.
  • German Resins & Coatings - world-leading products designed to provide lasting protection.
  • Anti Slip
  • Oil And Grease Resistant.

Here are some before and after terrazzo polishing examples from our valued customers.

Before Terrazzo Polishing
After Terrazzo Polishing

Before Terrazzo Polishing
After Terrazzo Polishing

Experts in Terrazzo Polishing

Absolute Stone Care is a family-owned company with years of experience specialising in the polishing, restoration and treatment of terrazzo floors and tile surfaces. We strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction with the best service in Melbourne. We believe in providing the highest level workmanship possible, therefore we do not cut any corners in our service. If you want the best results, then you will be in the best hands with Absolute Stone Care.

Why Use Absolute Stone Care?

It is highly recommended to use a professional and specialised service when it comes to terrazzo. Standard cleaning agencies can damage your surfaces or provide a low end and short-lasting shine due to inferior products and skills. We have seen many problems in our experience that lead to huge costs in the long run.

Cutting Edge Technologies And Environment-Conscious

We only use state of the art machinery and chemicals to take care of your surfaces. The machinery and diamonds used are from Klindex Italy.


Klindex is recognised as arguably, the best system in the world for grinding and polishing all kinds of natural stones.


Lithofin chemicals are used in the treatment process of terrazzo. Lithofin is a German company with more than 60 years of quality and experience in cleaning, maintaining and protecting stone surfaces. They comply with all relevant legal requirements where environmental protection, work safety and health considerations are concerned.

All terrazzo surfaces must have a penetrating sealer for protection and long lasting durability.

Types of Terrazzo Polishing and Finishing Services

There are essentially two types of terrazzo finishes. You can, of course, request the degree of polishing. You may opt for a semi polish and shine, it is up to your preference. Terrazzo polishing and restoration is a wet process. We cover and protect surrounding furnishings and it is completely dust-free.

Terrazzo Polishing

This is the traditional and general terrazzo polishing service. It is divided into different stages. Grinding down the floor begins the first stage to even out and clean the surface. The surface is then colour matched and marble chips are laid onto the terrazzo. This is followed by a secondary grind with Italian diamond pads to varying degrees. A resin coat is poured over the surface. The premium resin we use seeps into the terrazzo adding protection. We then finish with the requested polishing method.

Terrazzo Honed finish

A honed finish can be described as an unpolished or unfinished look. This style is becoming more popular in today's interior design market. The stone is ground to a flat surface leaving a matte finish with no reflection.

Terrazzo Tile Cleaning and Polishing

It is popular today to buy terrazzo tiles for your interior surfaces. Once the tiles have been laid, you will need to have them treated with a professional polish. This will ensure a long-lasting shine and protection for years to come.

A Brief History

Terrazzo came about when Italian marble workers combined the excess marble chips with concrete. They polished and used it as floor surfaces in their homes in the 18th century. In the 1920’s It became more commercially used and affordable with the invention of specific machinery and divider strips.

How Do I Get A Quote?

In order to provide the most accurate quote, we normally visit your location, take measurements and speak with you to get to know eaxctly what you require. With our years of experience, we are happy to advise and discuss the best possible and affordable solutions.

Terrazzo Maintenance

If there are any spills onto the surface, it is recommended to clean immediately in order to prevent stains and damage to the sealers.

Try to sweep daily using a dry mop or soft broom. This helps to prevent abrasion, cuts and etchings from happening.

Do not use solvents on your terrazzo flooring, they can damage the surface.

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