Stone sealing in Moorabbin is important for all stone floors, tiles and natural stone. Most natural stone surfaces are porous, which means it can easily stain. Sealing the stone surface will provide protection from stains, will make the surfaces easier to clean and keep your floors looking great.

Using expert services for stone sealing is necessary because of the specialised equipment, experience and products used during the process.

Absolute Stone Care is a local Melbourne business. We are experts in stone sealing with years of experience servicing both residential and commercial properties all over Melbourne, Victoria. We specialise in the sealing of all-natural and man-made stone flooring, stone tiles and grout.

Stone Sealing Benefits

Stone surfaces are porous by nature, with some types of stone more porous than others. It will be of great benefit to have them sealed by an expert. Stone sealing will prevent spilt liquids from penetrating the surface and creating stains. These stains may require further costs for restoration and polishing. Which can be quite disruptive to your living environment.

There are many stone sealing benefits for your stone floors in Melbourne. Whether they are brand new or old, sealing your stone floors will increase the longevity, resist stains and provide a much easier surface to clean and maintain. Sealing your stone can potentially save you money from possible restoration costs due to surface damage. Although sealing has many benefits, be aware that it may not prevent scratching or etching from damaging the surface.

Here is a list of some of the benefits.

  • Resistant to staining, dirt and grime
  • Easier to clean
  • Avoids possible damage costs
  • Many years of protection
  • Maintain appearance longer

Stone Tile Sealing

Some tiles can be non-porous, which means they do not require stone sealing. Though, the grout lines that keep the tiles in place need to be sealed. This is important to know because sealing the grout can prevent damage, maintain the clean appearance and resist stains. If you have new stone tiles, you may want to get in touch so that we can provide you with the best advice.

Stone Sealing Products

Absolute Stone Care has partnered with Clearstone who produce leading polyester resins and have a national and international reputation as the best in stone sealing and coating. We believe in using the highest quality products to ensure the service we provide is of the highest quality and standards for all our customers.

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