Absolute Stone Care provides leading stone restoration and maintenance services of natural stone surfaces in Melbourne.

Stone restoration is the process of revitalising and restoring stone flooring, benchtops, countertops to their natural and beautiful look, through careful and professional processes by Absolute Stone Care.

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Natural stones are stones which, as the name suggests, are naturally occurring and in Australia, particularly Melbourne, tend to be quite popular.

Natural stone finishes may be found indoor and outdoor and can be limestone, travertine, granite, and marble. Melbourne buildings often boast marble finishes and are therefore seen to be a popular choice.

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As with all household finishes, marble and other types of natural stone need to be properly maintained and occasionally restored.

How do I know if I Need Stone Restoration?

Natural stone surfaces are desired for their shine and elegant appearance. Well maintained stone is easy to clean and does not stain easily.

When your stone flooring, patios or benchtops have lost their shine, have stains, cracks or scratches, it might be time to consider contacting us for a freestone restoration quote.

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Professional Restoration Services - What’s Involved?

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Professional stone restoration services will come and inspect the job before they are able to identify how long it will take. However, stone restoration services will follow a three-step process of grinding, sealing and polishing.

How Do You Restore A Stone Benchtop?

Natural stone benchtops are restored by first removing the sealant from the stone which provides its stain-proof, anti-absorbent properties. Once removed, the stone needs to be ground down until it is even - all stains, cracks and chips removed.

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Once complete, the stone will then be polished by using diamond grit polishing pads, each finer than the last. The final stage of this process involves re-sealing the natural stone benchtop to ensure it is able to withstand the pressures of home life once again.

How To Care For Natural Stone?

In order to ensure your natural stone surfaces stay in top condition for as long as possible, the best approach would be to take care of it.

By looking after the natural stone surface it is less likely to experience unnecessary wear and tear which would ultimately reduce the time frame prior to a restoration being needed.

Simple tips to consider are:

  • Wipe up any spills as soon as possible. Natural stone is porous and, if moisture is left on the surface, it may be absorbed and ultimately weaken the stone.
  • Avoid anything that could crack, dent or gouge the surface. This could involve moving furniture with lifting aids as well as with material beneath them to prevent direct contact with the stone surface.

Without proper preventative care, the above restorative processes may need to be used sooner rather than later.

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