At Absolute Stone Care, we use Clearstone Coating, the leading innovation in stone surface protection

Why Absolute Stone Care use Clearstone Coating

Marble Coating

Your experts at Absolute Stone Care only partner with the best to provide Victorian’s with trusted and top quality stone coating services, that’s why we chose Clearstone, leaders in innovative stone coating.

Stone coating, especially marble coating, is the first step in protecting and sealing your stone for durability, longevity and ease of use.

Clearstone, developed and manufactured in Australia, is a self-levelling polyester resin used on horizontal marble, and other natural stone surfaces, such as bar tops, kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. With a 2mm sealed protective coating, Clearstone safeguards natural stone that many other coating products can not measure up to. Cuts, scratches, stains and spots are immediately eliminated and noticeably undetectable, and with Clearstone’s full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can be assured that any future etching and staining will be managed and taken care of at no great cost and strain to you.

Given Clearstone’s rising reputation, it has gained national and international recognition for being first choice in stone protection for consumers, designers, architects. This is why we, at Absolute Stone Care, trust Clearstone to be our partner in supplying high quality innovative coating that seals and protects marble, and other stone surfaces, for our own Victorian customers.

Choose Absolute Stone Care as your absolute choice for Marble Coating

At Absolute Stone Care, we take marble and other natural stone coating seriously, ensuring we use the best innovative coating technology out there to satisfy even our most critical customers. By partnering with Clearstone, we not only delivered on our promise to achieve high quality marble coating, but we also achieved greater customer satisfaction.

Additionally, we don’t just protect new stone, but will also rejuvenate old stone, restoring it back to a newly refreshed condition. Your Absolute Stone Care professionals will sand down and clean the stone to prepare it for the Clearstone coating, talking you through each stage of the process and to ensure we choose the right coating for you, from honed to high gloss.

Feel free to contact one of our friendly Absolute Stone Care team members and see how we can assist you in protecting and preserving your marble stone. Click on the ‘Contact’ page for our details and one of our experienced team members will be happy to answer all of your questions on how you can get your marble stone protected and prolonged.

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