Granite sealing is essential in order to manage and maintain the natural beauty of your Granite surfaces.

Granite is a naturally porous stone, which means liquids, dirt, dust, oils and grime can permeate into the surface, causing damage.

Sealing the Granite will provide long term protection, making the surface easier to clean, maintain and continue looking luxurious and beautiful.

Absolute Stone Care is a local, family-run business here in Melbourne. We provide our customers with the best service. We use only the highest quality, specialised equipment and products during the Granite sealing process.

We have years of experience servicing both residential and commercial properties all over Melbourne, Victoria.

We specialise in the sealing of all-natural and man-made stone flooring, stone tiles and grout.

What Is Granite?

Granite is a type of rock that is made through the natural amalgamation of several minerals. The various mineral composition in granite gives it natural colouring in pink, red, white of grey.

Granite is well favoured for its uses in buildings, including counters, flooring, paving, curbing, stairs, veneer, and monuments.

In city environments, granite is a widely used surface due to its ability to withstand high amounts of traffic and pressure whilst showing little to no wear and tear. City buildings would most commonly use this as flooring, stair or counter surfaces.

Does Granite Need Sealing?

Due to its hard nature, granite generally does not need sealing. This is particularly true when used as countertops or low-pressure surfaces. However, there are some instances where it may be recommended, such as tiles, or stair treads.

Do Granite Tiles Need Sealing?

The intended use of granite appears to ultimately determine whether or not it needs sealing. It is generally recommended that granite tiles intended for flooring or wet areas are sealed.

Why Granite Sealing and What Are The Benefits of Sealing Granite?

Granite sealing is beneficial for the prevention of staining, etching and discolouration of granite surfaces. This is typically seen on flooring or countertops, as well as in areas where there tends to be a lot of foot traffic, food or liquid.

Through the application of a durable and high-quality sealant, granite will remain in peak condition. This will further allow ongoing durability and ultimately lower cleaning and maintenance costs of the granite.

Are there any specialist Granite Sealing services available in Melbourne?

Yes, there are! These services exist to ensure that the right sealant is applied to the granite surface according to its use and placement in a building. This will further cement the granite’s lifespan.

Granite Sealing process

A granite sealing process will ultimately commence with ensuring the surface is clean and free of chemicals, grit and other contaminants. Once complete, a sealer will be applied to the surface in manageably-sized sections. This will be spread through the use of a brush or cloth.

The sealant will be allowed to soak in for a short period of time before a small amount is further applied to the area to ensure adequate sealing. Once complete, any excess will be removed through the use of dry cloths.

Granite sealing is important in both domestic and commercial settings. There are various reasons for considering sealing granite surfaces and what that process entails as mentioned above.

If you are considering sealing your granite surfaces here in Melbourne, whether commercial or domestic, you can now be confident in understanding the process of sealing.

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