Stone Sealing

Sealing applies an invisible barrier over the stone which protects these surfaces from staining agents.

It is vital that natural stone floors are sealed and re-sealed periodically every 6-12 months, depending on conditions of the surface. Not only does this treat cracks and holes, but it helps avoid future stains, erosion and damages.

Newly laid natural stone must be preserved properly to provide protection. We highly recommend investing into an initial clean and seal service that will help prevent from future damage.

Absorption levels vary from stone to stone, so having your sealing professionally done ensures that the correct sealant is used for your product, whilst reducing the risk of sealant discolouration and peeling (which is common amongst over-the-counter products).

  • - Marble sealing
  • - Granite sealing
  • - Limestone sealing
  • - Bluestone sealing
  • - Sandstone sealing
  • - Travertine sealing
  • - Terrazzo sealing

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