Kitchen Benchtop Restoration

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Kitchen Benchtop Restoration

Kitchen can be called as the soul of the house since it is the reflection of our own life. While purchasing a new house, the major concern is the structure and placement of the kitchen in the house. The structure of KItchen wherein Kitchen Bench – top Restoration is the most crucial part since the preparation of meals is executed on it and thus it has to be maintained carefully along with hygiene of that area. Absolute Stone Care improves kitchen’s look as desired by offering multiple solutions that fits with different requirements. They have some brilliant solutions for kitchen benchtops which can be used in the restoration of kitchen.

Advantages of Restoration:

  • ✓ Renovation is always a costlier option when compared to kitchen benchtop resurfacing or restoration.
  • ✓ Cheaper to get done.
  • ✓ Extensive range of kitchen benchtop resurfacing.


There are 3 forms of durable kitchen benchtop restorations:

  • 1. Stone Bench-top
  • 2. Hardwood
  • 3. Laminates


Here’s a brief description on the above-mentioned bench-top forms:

Stone Benchtop – Strong And Durable For Longer Period :
Granite, marble and other stone based bench-tops are considered better for kitchen bench top restorations. Resurfacing the area with these stones gives a rich texture. These stones are hard, absorbent and need timely restoration including regular cleaning, sealing and coatings for best presentation of the kitchen.

Hardwood :
Timber, the most renowned product, always rich in taste, tends to provide traditional touch wherever it gets fitted. This material has a tendency to seep water as it is permeable in nature but timely sealing process helps to retain its beauty and to keep the kitchen bench-top in a perfect shape.

Laminate :
Acrylics and Laminations helps the surfaces look appealing. Acrylics overall has number of shades and patterns gives a “wow” visual appearance. They are even non-porous and completely safe.

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