Stone Masonry

If you require a professional stonemason to restore or repair your natural stone, then Absolute Stone Care can help you. Stone masonry is no job for the layman, particularly when taking into account the cost and care involved in having natural stone such as marble and terrazzo in your home or commercial property. Absolute Stone Care understand this, therefore we provide an unparalleled standard of service to meet your needs. Experience is a necessity for stone masonry, so our many years in the industry work in our favour and yours – we’ve seen it all!

So, What is Stone Masonry?

It is the trade of cutting and crafting natural stone into a desired shape or size. Using these skills to either repair and restore stone back to its original conditions or to install natural stone that is fitting to your existing décor can be a complex process, and requires knowledge, practice and professional equipment, both manual and electrical. Absolute Stone Care not only meet this criteria, but provide a friendly and flexible service throughout the entire process.

Signs That You Need a Stone Mason:

  • - Stone weathering
  • - Chips and cracks
  • - Heritage stone in need of conservation
  • - Renovations and extensions of existing stone property


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Stone Masonry Jobs Include (But Aren’t Limited To):

  • - Heritage conservation and restoration
  • - Repairing outdoor sculptures
  • - Stone structures
  • - Intricate carvings
  • - Restoring bench tops
  • - Replacing old stone
  • - Repairing the facades of stone fireplaces, furniture etc
  • - Retaining walls
  • - Paving/flooring
  • - Feature walls
  • - Cutting and shaping pillars and columns

What Can We Do For You?

Upon requesting our service, we can provide you with an estimated quote to ensure that we are carrying out our expertise with your confidence and clarification. This is reached based on factors such as measurements, blueprints, required labour and assessment of damage.

Whether it’s your stonewalls, fireplace, pavement or even an outdoor monument that’s in need of this stone repair service, you want to know that you have hired capable hands. Stone masonry is a fine skill that requires the attention of a practiced and proficient tradesperson, so you need look no further than Absolute Stone Care.

Note: If the stone masonry job you are after is not mentioned on our site, please feel free to inquire via email, phone or in person with your requests. You will find that we are extremely well versed in this field therefore our capabilities are unrestricted. Our knowledge of the trade makes for fine results every time, leaving you, our customer, more than pleased with the result, and your natural stone looking well above par.