Stone Coating

"The process of stone coating helps in bringing out the perfect colour, increases lifespan and improves quality of the stone."


Absolute Stone Care utilises top industry products along with heavy-duty resin coating protection to leave any form of stone, marble, travertine, limestone, and bench-top untarnished.

When it comes to coating of stone we all have curiosity for its process and benefits related to it. We assure you that we will answer all your questions and provide you unparalleled services for your stone protection.

Importance of Stone Coating:

  • ✓ Stone coating protects the stone from degrading
  • ✓ Eco-Friendly
  • ✓ Avoids usage of hard base agents for regular cleaning


We provide below mentioned services

  • – Marble coating
  • – Granite coating
  • – Sandstone coating
  • – Travertine coating
  • – Limestone coating
  • – Bluestone coating
  • – Terrazzo coating
  • – Heritage stones coating


Our Coating equipment’s are of high standards and are considered as benchmark in the industry. Our clients prefer coating rather than installation because:

  • 1. Time-Savvy Process:

    It is not a time consuming process but it needs to be done just once in couple of years to maintain the lifespan of the stone. It only needs a portion of time to safeguard the stones and to preserve natural looks of the stones.

  • 2. Cheaper Option:

    Coating is respectively cheaper than pulling out the stones and fixing it. It also protects the stone from regular wear and tear.

  • 3. Preservation of Stones:

    Marble, travertine and other types of stones need this coating for complete protection. A good and effective stone coating guards the entire surfaces and helps it maintaining the shape and size for longer duration.

  • 4. Opulent:

    Make your place look perfect by maintaining the textures of stones. A little handle with care is needed for the beautiful look of your walls and floors.

At Absolute Stone Care, you will find best solution for all your stone needs.

Information in respect to Stone Coating:

  • – Available both for interior as well as exterior stones
  • – Will increase stone’s age by number of years.
  • – Prevents the water or oil seepage from getting into the pores of the stones.

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